Graphic design for companies

Your tranquility is the most important thing, leave
the design of your company in the hands of a professional.

Imagine this, your company has started to grow, every day you have more work, all your time is spent in meetings, budget development and personnel management. At the same time you know the importance of advertising, you want to be visible and give a good company image, but managing all this is exhausting. Does it sound familiar to you?

Benefits of having someone who deals with graphic design in your company.
(Take the stress away and let somebody else take care of it easily and professionally).

1. Increase your sales

Transmitting good taste and professionalism to consumers is one of the keys to getting them to decide to give you a chance and to buy your products.
Becoming a benchmark within a sector is easier when having a visually impressive graphic design and an impeccable corporate image. In this way, customers begin to recognize the seriousness of your brand and also begin to choose it instead of opting for the competition.
Increasing sales volume is often the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign, but this is not the only benefit of investing in advertising. What other factors influence consumer behaviour? I’ll explain below.

2. The trust you instill in your customers

If you visit two web pages that are selling you the same product, but one of them has a sloppy image and is difficult to surf which one would you buy from?
The answer and reality is simple, companies that care about graphic design and take care of their image, will surely also take care of their products and services, or at least, that’s what their customers think. Companies like Apple, Google or Coca Cola know this very well.

3. To gain attention and be more recognized

Some companies base their advertising campaigns only on gaining recognition, all they want is to be recognisable, so that when someone goes down the street and sees “their colours”, the first thing they do is think about them.
This is why when we see an Ikea advertisement on TV we know it is from Ikea before we can confirm it. There are many elements that identify the brand; the typography, the colours, the content, the implicit concepts… Each of these elements is important and must follow a clear and constant line.
Being on everyone’s lips (and minds) is significant because when someone needs your service they will remember you first.

How can Fimagen help you?

The basis of Fimagen is a commitment to its clients and the professional and precise work that the company offers.All this without losing proximity and using applications such as WhatsApp or Skype to streamline communication as much as possible. It is especially significant for me to maintain a relationship with my clients, and to make empathy and trust the pillars that sustain it.
At a professional level, I always look for the coherence and continuity of the brand image, that is why before the implementation of any design for a company, I do a study of its corporate image. Below are more details of some of the services I offer.

Management and review of corporate image

Corporate stationery (cards, letters, envelopes, documents ...)

Naming and brand redesign

Posters, brochures, flyers...

Catalog design

Internal material of the company

Packaging design



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