Do you want a logo design for your store to help you get new clients? Stand out from your competition with a exclusive logo design. Communicate professionalism from the first day. Are you opening your store and still don’t have your logo design ready? Or maybe your business has a very old image and you want to REDESIGN your logo design. Whatever your case, we offer you the best solutions to obtain a quality logo for your business, which will allow you to stand out from the competition and have a professional and renewed appearance.

The following is an example of a logo design that we have made at Fimagen, for a children’s clothing store called Piccoletti that decided to carry out a logo redesign to improve the image of its store.
If you want to know more about the history of this logo click here.
See below some images of this logo.

¿Cómo son los logos de las mejores tiendas? Descubre como han evolucionado los logotipos de las marcas de moda más famosas. Entra aquí­ para entender por que motivo estas marcas están rediseñando sus logotipos en la actualidad.



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